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What's this? What's this? There's patch notes everywhere!


If you've stumbled across this thread you may be interested in knowing what this Forum category is for.

True to the name, this category is the home of all the patch notes for PrisonTech, whether for one of our Discord bots, the server, or even this website this is the place you'll come to find out all of the changes that we've done!

Thread Information​

All of our patch notes are split into the three categories above; Discord, Server, and Website.

DiscordDiscord patch notes will likely be the least common you'll see, these threads will contain information about changes to commands or functions of any of our bots, alongside the normal list of fixed bugs.
ServerYou'll probably see server notes rather frequently or at least these threads will be the most active. These threads will provide information about new features to the server, updates to how things work on the server, and of course our normal slew of bug fixes.
WebsiteWebsite patch notes will also be rather rare, most notes of this variety will contain information about bug fices that have been implemented or new web pages that we've created.

A large majority of our systems that use a website also depend on a few other systems. Expect to see most of the patch notes about those sites in their respecitve threads.

Do note: some of the changes that are made to any of our services may not warrant a patch thread to be created. As such, changes that may not be important enough to require their own thread will be posted as a comment on the newest patch note thread for the service updated. Examples of things that will be posted as comments: bug fixes that are due to the new patch, small changes that would have no real effect on gameplay or how the service is used.

All patch note threads* will be unlocked allowing you to discuss any of the changes or ask questions about them.

All patches note threads will be posted by a developer or an admin, be wary of any other threads that claim updates/patches that are not posted by one of those people.

There are bound to be bugs found during a release cycle of a new update or patch, if you happen to find any bugs or issues feel free to report them here!

*Older patch notes may be locked after a new patch is released.
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